Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fashion 21 White Eyeliner ~ A review

Have you ever wondered how to make your eyes a little bit wider? Do you put too much makeup just to achieve that bigger and brighter eyes you see from those commercial models? Fret not because the secret lies in just one tool, the secret tool! Hoho! Just kidding. Ok, so here it is. I got the Fashion 21's white eyeliner since it's matte, and on sale, of course. :"> I actually first tested Nichido's white eyeliner but it has shimmers which I don't like simply because I prefer the neutral look. Just apply it in your waterline, and voila! O_O

It's long and thin, with an eraser/corrector on the other side

(L-R: Swiped 3x, 2x, 1x)

When smudged

This is a good product considering the price, it actually gives me that brightened eye look which makes my eyes more awake. To top it off, use a lengthening mascara instead of a volumizing one since it will make it appear bigger and wider.

*cheap. it's only Php 85 (got it with 10% off so I paid Php70+ only)
*glides smoothly
*of good quality
*matte, no shimmers at all
*blendable (i blend it well to achieve a more natural effect)
*available at drugstores, department stores. (Fashion 21's stalls are everywhere, seriously)

*fades easily. Although reapplying isn't a problem for me.
*can get cakey with a heavy hand

Rating: 3.9/5

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Etude House' AC Clinic Red Spot Balm + Whitening

Went to Megamall last April 1 to buy Etude House' Face Designing Brightener but unfortunately, it's also out of stock. So what I bought was the AC Clinic Red Spot Balm + Whitening since my acne scars have been annoying me for so long now. The product is said to be a scar lightening agent formulated with Madecassoside (skin healing agent), Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress extracts, AC Clinic Red Spot Balm heals, clarifies and soothes facial trouble spots. Specialized target treatment heals and brightens blemishes with improved texture and skin whitening formula. It is also Non-Comedogenic & Dermatologist Tested.

It includes a 20ml jar of the Red spot Balm, a 5ml tube of their Pink Daily Spot and a spatula

Has a creamy consistency

Cutesy pen as a freebie since I purchased a product ranging from Php500.00

 I've been using it for like almost 2 weeks now but I haven't seen any change from my post acne scars. I think this works slowly but surely? That's what I've read from some bloggers who used this product. However, I really love the Pink Daily Spot since it's really effective in controling my probably emerging acne.

Overall, I couldn't really attest for now since I've been using it for few days only. But it also acts as a maintenance if you want to lessen the appearance of your blemishes.

Etude House' Dear Darling Tint in #02

I'm going to share my HG lip tint which is from Etude House, a cosmetic brand from Korea, and yes, they are now invading the country. Haha! This lip tint is great for everyday use 'cause it's not that striking nor gives you the look like you just sucked blood. So here it is.

Sturdy plastic bottle with the label which doesn't fade easily

Has a jellylike consistency

    More swatches:

I couldn't find a decent photo btw. haha. Oh, I was wearing my bf's eyeglasses. *o*

It's a pretty red shade that gives you a slightly matte finish you would really want for a good casual look or even on night outs 'cause it's also buildable. This is actually my third bottle and as I haven't found anything better and cheap as it is, I wouldn't mind buying as long as I want. Really, I love this that sometimes I use it on my cheeks. It also comes in three shades which are: #1 Berry Red (lovely pink shade), #2 Real Red (this one), and #3 Orange Red (tangerine hint). I think I'll try the Pink shade soon. Teehee. *v*

*easy to use with its doe foot applicator
*doesn't smell bad
*longlasting (as long as you won't eat nor drink. XD)
*gives you a natural hint of red
*jellylike consistency therefore easy to blend
*the price! this is only Php198

*could be really drying (best when used after applying lip balm)

Rating: 4.5/5

 Oh wait, have you seen my nails? Haha! Isn't it adorable?

I saw the tutorial on Youtube and tried it out myself ! It's really fun. All you need is just a light shade of nail polish (so that the writings will be visible), some newspaper strips, and water or even alcohol on a small bowl. Spread some coat, let it dry, soak the strips onto the water/alcohol then lay it on the nails (press for 10 seconds), then remove. Finish it with the top coat. Tadaaa! Hihi. Try it out! *v*

In2it Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Very Black

I've been on a hunt for a good mascara this past few days but believe me, when I was looking for one specifically on the In2it counter, I saw this eyeliner pen which I've been eyeing for how many months now. XD So here's my little review about this baby.

A pen which pretty much looks like a slim highlighting pen which I find easy to grip. It has a felt tip applicator that is not easy to fray. And here are the swatches:

(L-R: Swatched thrice, twice and once)
                   With flash                                                           Without flash
 When I first tried it the SA tried it on me, they were like "Oh, you look like a Korean!" **, So  in a matter of 1, 2, and 3, I grabbed it. haha!

*easy to use (I tend to mess up with the standard liquid eyeliners *_*)
*dries up quickly after applied
*got it in the very black shade which provides a really inklike effect
 *does not easily smudge (I sometimes just dab my Maybelline pressed powder on my oily eyelids)
*doesn't fray
*dries out easily (which is the main problem on eyeliner pens)
*the price I think is somehow unreasonable for a pen (got it for Php 329.75)

 Overall, I really love this pen because of its quality and the coverage that it gives unlike my Elf pen which frayed easily which I got for only Php 129.00.

Rating: 4/5

Have you ever tried this one? Share your thoughts!