Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fashion 21 White Eyeliner ~ A review

Have you ever wondered how to make your eyes a little bit wider? Do you put too much makeup just to achieve that bigger and brighter eyes you see from those commercial models? Fret not because the secret lies in just one tool, the secret tool! Hoho! Just kidding. Ok, so here it is. I got the Fashion 21's white eyeliner since it's matte, and on sale, of course. :"> I actually first tested Nichido's white eyeliner but it has shimmers which I don't like simply because I prefer the neutral look. Just apply it in your waterline, and voila! O_O

It's long and thin, with an eraser/corrector on the other side

(L-R: Swiped 3x, 2x, 1x)

When smudged

This is a good product considering the price, it actually gives me that brightened eye look which makes my eyes more awake. To top it off, use a lengthening mascara instead of a volumizing one since it will make it appear bigger and wider.

*cheap. it's only Php 85 (got it with 10% off so I paid Php70+ only)
*glides smoothly
*of good quality
*matte, no shimmers at all
*blendable (i blend it well to achieve a more natural effect)
*available at drugstores, department stores. (Fashion 21's stalls are everywhere, seriously)

*fades easily. Although reapplying isn't a problem for me.
*can get cakey with a heavy hand

Rating: 3.9/5

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  1. Fashion 21 White Eyeliner is a great product. I am happy to see the positive review from you as well as this product really deserves the positive review from all the users.


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