Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lorys Hair Cream ~Review

I've noticed that my hair is becoming dry, maybe because of having my hair dyed, and some harmful chemicals that I used in the past. This is why I purchased Lorys Hair Cream. I chose the Fruit Cocktail variant because the Duo Chocolate wasn't available at that time. This variant is good for all hair types, to add softness and shine. Let's take a look.

The new Hair Cream Lorys Fruit Cocktail was developed for the care and the condition for all types of hair.

Directions: After shampooing, apply Hair Cream Lorys Fruit Cocktail throughout humid hair, mainly in the ends massaging well for 2 minutes. Rinse well. For special conditioning treatment, apply the product and allow it to penetrate for 15 minutes. To enhance the result, use Laminated Cap or Professional Vaporizer.

Look at how gorgeous the mixture of color is. It combines the yellow and pink hues which is so adorable! Plus the scent, ugh, lovely!

When I use this, my hair is so manageable. It also makes it less frizzy and moisturized But it's not that soft to touch. Maybe I need to use it as a hair mask probably? But the downside of it is, as what hair creams usually do, is making the hair feel heavy, and limp perhaps? Maybe it's just me (I put too much!). Still, I love this product because my hair isn't that buhaghag now. :)

  • makes hair manageable
  • hydrates/moisturizes
  • babye frizz!
  • the aroma. smells like flowers? it's so fragrant!
  • hefty! this one is 450g. What more for the 1000g? It's as big as my face. :D
  • affordable! Php185.00
  • available at Watsons and at most department stores

  • makes hair feel heavy
  • hair may be limp if you put a lot
  • my hair didn't still feel soft to touch (maybe I need to do the special conditioning treatment, perhaps?)

Rating: 3.9/5

 Note: We all have different hair types. What may work for me might not work for you, and vice versa.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Recent purchases :D

Just want to share my recent finds in Landmark, Trinoma. I so love this store. It always makes me shop there even if I'm broke. haha! It also caters affordable goodies that everyone will surely love. It's my no.1 department store, seriously. Ok, so here are the products: the cutesy gray underwear which is so me #lacesforever; the beige corset/waist trimmer which is really affordable (and I'm using it now :D); Human Heart Nature's Sunflower Oil which is my second bottle btw (with its new look) and the review here; and Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara which will also have a review. And of course, thanks to my bf for the 2 beauty products! He reminded me those things actually (he knows whenever those things are running out). That's it. Happy me. n_n

Monday, June 18, 2012

Belo Essentials Night Therapy Whitening Vitamin Cream ~Review

Ok, for the nth time (i know, i'm sorry :p), I bought again what I wasn't intended to buy. Been on a hunt for a good moisturizer when I saw this one, which is the Belo Essentials Night Therapy Whitening Vitamin Cream. It's on sale with a free 20g Belo Essentials Day Cover Whitening Vitamin Cream SPF15. I was torn between Celeteque's moisturizer and this, but I chose the latter because of the free product that I gave to my boyfriend since he's always out and more exposed to the sun's harmful UV rays. Let's take a look at the product.

This nourishing vitamin night cream lightens skin safely in as little as 7 days with its DermWhite PLUS - a combination of Glutathione; Kojic Acid, Gigawhite, and Skin Vitamins. It contains fruit extracts that make skin feel soft and smooth.
  • Contains a blend of fruit extracts that moisturizes skin and inhibits the formation of free radicals which can cause premature skin aging.
  • Provides overnight moisture and radiance with Pentavitin  and Skin Vitamins.
  • Soothes and protects skin from irritation with Chamomile extract
For best results: Use with Belo EssentialsWhitening Face Wash and Whitening Toner .

It includes a spatula inside, but I find this hard to use because of its crescent shape. I hope they just make it in the normal shape of a spatula so it would be easier to use.

It contains 50g which is pretty much generous for a good 2-3 months of use.

My insights for this one are sort of a rant and a rave. Let's talk about the rave. This product makes my skin smooth and soft to touch. It also makes my face glowing and dewy after it absorbed the product. But the downside of it is that it makes me feel greasy and heavy afterwards. I also noticed whenever I wake up that there are small bumps around the cheeks and forehead. So I then use this every other night giving my skin time to breathe. For the whitening effect, I haven't seen any difference, or maybe because I haven't just used it continuously.

  • Makes the skin soft to touch
  • Moisturizes and makes skin radiant
  • The key whitening ingredients combined in one product
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested
  • Affordable at Php158.75
  • Makes the skin greasy and feel heavy afterwards
  • The small bumps I got after every morning
  • The jar which makes it unhygienic to dip your hands over and over again

Overall, this product is a so-so. But I'm glad that I bought this because I can feel the "therapy" thing it was intended for. So, have you tried this one? What are your thoughts? :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Of pinks and braids

I tried to ombre nail polish one time because I'm bored and I just love ombre. And someday I will be rocking with an ombre hair. Hihi!

Ok, so first, I applied the base coat, then I used The Face Shop's shimmery fuschia pink nail polish in PP-405 as the first coat. Let it dry then add the second coat starting from the middle going up. Then again, apply another coat at the edge of the nail. If you're not yet satisfied with the intensity of the color, apply another coat the the uppermost part. Then I put Elianto's Shine Opal (03) for a more shimmery look. And lastly, apply the top coat.

Used in order: TFS base coat, TFS PP-405, Elianto Shine Opal (03), TFS top coat

Ok, so this post is just a random one. I just love having fishtail braids 'cause it kind of reminds me like I'm on a field, running, merely having fun. This can also be styled with versatility, whether you want to look it classy or just a street-style look, it actually depends on your mood and outfit. Mine was casual with a feminine touch matched with my floral top.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil ~Review

This past few days, I've been really annoyed with the breakouts I've been experiencing like forever. I've known some products that are helpful on how to calm the emerging pimple, but they are only good to use for not so long and then you will be immuned to the product that it would stop working for you. But there was this one product that is universally raved since according to their website, one is sold every ten minutes worldwide. Would you believe that? And then I was again seeking for reviews. This one from the famous beauty blogger captured my interest. And when I was in Greenhills, I saw this on sale. And me being a mahilig-sa-sale-at-promo-at-kung-ano-ano-pang-katipiran girl, I definitely purchased one. :)

A medicine cabinet must. A pre-blended oil which can be used in many different ways to help soothe blemished skin. Dab directly onto skin at first sign of a blemish.

It has 15% Tea tree oil, that means it's not pure so you can directly put it in your skin.

And here are the attackers! (Beware: gross-heavy -_-)

So what I did was just dab a little amount on the affected area. I felt a slight stinging sensation but it's tolerable. The next day, the first thing that I noticed was my forehead. On the fourth picture above, you can see the three small bumps. Those three were gone. Seriously. And the others just flattened especially the big ones on my cheek. I'm just so happy because this product works fast. By the way, me and my boyfriend share with this one and I can say that it also works for him. Tip: This works well if the acne is about to emerge, so dab it quickly before it worsens.

  • Really works! Helps in healing the acne fast. (I thought it would be again joining my UPL or the Useless Products List)
  • Reduces swelling of the acne
  • Decreases the size of a pimple
  • Effective in stopping the pimples from occurring
  • Others swear that this can also lighten acne scars (Ooh, I'll have to see that for myself)
  • Small bottle lasts for a long time

  • Has a strong scent that might not be tolerable at first encounter
  • The nozzle is pretty much stubborn to squeeze out the product
  • Stings a bit
  • Expensive. Retails at Php495 but got it for Php295 since it's on sale.

Rating: 4.5/5

Hence, this product is still great. How about you, what are your spot treatments? Let me know :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Diamond Orange Peel and L-Glutathione Soap ~Review

Whenever I am at supermarkets, department stores, or in Watsons, I always see this particular soap that is something like a carrot/orange/kojie soap because of its box's color. Ok, I've seen this many times, but I don't know whether to look at it or just ignore it because it's somewhat di kapansin-pansin for me. Then I saw a review about it, how it's really effective in making your acne and acne scars vanish to death. So I bought it recently, with high hopes of helping me with my current foe which are my fugly acne scars. And I also got tempted since it's the sister of my beloved Shulammite Carrot Soap. Take a look at the product.

Active Ingredients: Glycerin, Orange peel extract, Fruit Acids, L-Glutathione, Claire Blanche complex, Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Stabilizer. All the ingredients are just as fantastic as one can ever imagine, and the best part is, it's all in one soap.

I cut it in two so that I can give the other half to my boyfriend for him to try since he has few dark spots due to being often exposed to the sun, and also for his acne scars that I consider as dark spots.

I purchased it last June 2, 2012, and now it's June 8. I tell you, I notice that my fugly scars somewhat lightened compared to my Etude House Red Spot Balm that I've been using since April 1 this year. This soap just lathers well and has a slight stinging sensation if left longer than it's desired length of use per wash.

  • effective in lightening and brightening the skin
  • gradually helps in lightening dark spots and pimple marks
  • Helps to lessen the oil in my face
  • Tightens pores
  • the scent! When my bf first opened it, he was like "Hmmm, ang bango!" Smells like oranges.
  • Hefty. It's 150g.
  • Available at Watsons and SM Dept. Store

  • Can be a bit drying on your skin
  • Has a slight stinging sensation
  • Expensive for just a soap. This one is Php143.00. But who can complain? It's got good ingredients that are rich and essential in making your skin flawless.

Rating: 4.5/5

To sum it up, this product just works! I highly recommend this beauty soap. To those who just used or is currently using this soap, what are your thoughts about it? Share! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

iWhite Skin Whitening Vita Moisturizing Facial Wash ~Review

I've found this product in a particular blog that claims to be a really good one in keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated, so I purchased it together with the nose pack, but only in sachets, just to be safe.

iWhite is a plant-based whitening skin care line that uses Bio-Nanotechnology to extract the core nutrients of Mulberry Extract and Panax Ginseng. A non-soap based formula that deeply cleanses and eliminates all skin impurities, and removes excess oil.

It contains Mulberry extract to whiten skin (antioxidants in mulberries can clear dark spots from the face and brighten the skin)
and Panax Ginseng to revitalize and improve skin conditions. This product not only cleanses, but it also claims to whiten, revitalize, and moisturize your face.

It has a pearl-like texture that makes me want to look at it, just like my Palmolive shampoo *shimmer shimmer*. :) Whenever I use it, I feel like my face is really clean and brightened. Yes, it has brightening properties that I must say is really visible with just one use. It also removes makeup remnants unlike other soaps that I use for my face.

  • cleanses deeply but will not leave skin taut and dry
  • moisturizes and makes your skin hydrated
  • mild and non-comedogenic
  • has brightening properties
  • affordable and it also comes in sachets (retails at Php18/sachet and Php139/tube
  • the brightening properties may not last long.
Rating: 4/5

Nevertheless, this product is a great one. Try it and share me your thoughts. :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Marionnaud Pointed Eye Shadow Brush ~Review

This is the part 2 of my Marionnaud post. What I'm gonna share now is the Marionnaud Pointed Eye Shadow Brush or the N˚37 which is, by any means, pointed as you can see:

This brush is perfect for doing the outer V since it's really pointed which will give a precise look in every eye makeup. You can also use this to blend or smudge your eyeshadow into the crease area to give you that smokey look. Oh, I also use this on my eyelids as well. :) This may not be the best pointed eyeshadow brush, but for the price, quality, and definition it gives, havey na din! :)) Definitely one of my staple brushes.

  • Soft and easy to use whether applying or blending
  • Precise application
  • Doesn't feel scratchy
  • Doesn't shed nor bleed
  • The handle is sturdy and pretty decent (i have one which feels plastic)
  • Available at Watsons and SM Dept. Stores
  • Like my Marionnaud Slanted Blusher Brush, this one is affordable! Retails at Php89.75
  • Too pointed? haha!
 Rating: 4/5

So, what are your thoughts about it? Share! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Current Obsession - Ombre hair

One day I'll be rocking this one. Hoho!

Marionnaud Slanted Blusher Brush ~Review

Holla! How are you guys? I hope you're having a good time as I am right now. Haha! Anyway, let me share you this one tool that I'm just using and definitely loving every single day. Yes, from the title itself, it's my Marionnaud N˚32 Slanted blusher brush.

Not too fluffy, just the right amount of density

 This brush is overused. Seriously. Haha! I use it every time I do my makeup routine. It's great on highlighting and bronzing. I also use it for my finishing powder since it works like a powder brush. Indeed, a multi-purpose brush. ;)

  • Really soft! I love how it feels on my face.
  • Has the right amount of fluffiness.
  • The shape is perfect for highlighting, applying blush, and bronzing.
  • Doesn't feel scratchy
  • Does not shed nor bleed
  • Dries out easily whenever washed
  • Available at Watsons and SM Dept. stores
  • Inexpensive! This one is Php169.75. But it doesn't look cheap :)
  • Doesn't pick the pigment well. You have to swirl it over and over again onto the makeup just to pick the right amount of product.
Rating: 4.5/5

Overall, this is love! I recommend it for frugal girls out there that are looking for an inexpensive yet great blush brush.You can never go wrong with this tool.