Friday, June 14, 2013

Lucido-L: Crowning Glory at its best!

Hair? Oh come on! We girls shouldn't be questioned why we're pretty much obsessed with it. Hair coloring, rebonding, curling - you name it we did it! That's how we roll. :) But because of it, we tend to damage our hair, thus making it hard to bring back the shiny smooth hair we once had back then.

Dry, flat, limp hair. Oh! How I wish I can repair it in just a matter of seconds! Is that possible? Tell me! Tell me, now! *justkidding

In any way possible, can mine turn like this? Pretty please? Btw, she's using Lucido-L Curling milk here. Beautiful, right?

Thanks to fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian (photo above) for sharing this product, namely, Lucido-L. A Japanese hair styling brand, and yes, we know Japanese girls have this long sleek hair that I, well, personally envy. Oops!

I'm really eyeing the Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil Straight, a variant that targets extra dry hair due to damages caused by rebonding/coloring and of course, the one that I'd first want the moment I laid my eyes on it, is the Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Styling Milk Curl, just because I love to have beautiful fluffy curls, plus, it's also heat protectant. How cool is that? I do believe it's never too late to have stunning tresses. I hope I can try their products sooooon! :)

Thanks to Ms. Tricia Gosingtian for letting us borrow her photos. Check out her blog here. :)
Check out Lucido-L's Facebook Page, too!

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  1. Hi Miss Krizia,
    Is this available here in the Philippines?
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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