Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: Estee Lauder Blush All Day in Desert

I didn't expect I would love my skin being this tanned. I actually thought that I'm toasted, but my sister said, "Anong toasted? Roasted kamo!" (Toasted? Roasted it is!) :D Oh well, whatever -ted it is, I so love my color right now. Anyway, let's proceed to my review of EL blush. This is, for the nth time, my sister's thingy, but I'm the one who's using it just because my roasted skin loves it. So here it is.

 The brush included is scratchy, but then I prefer using my trusty Marionnaud blush brush

 A matte dusty rose-brown color that looks so natural specially for morenas.

when swatched

I personally disliked this during my fair skin days, lol. But as of the moment, I really really love how it suits my dark skin. A natural flush of color is all I need since having this complexion really can't make blushes show that much. Plus point is how completely matte it is. I recommend this for morenas out there looking for that natural glow. Not so bold, yet not so boring. Likey! :)

  • decent staying power
  • matte for that natural look
  • unique shade
  • sheer (perfect for lazy girls like me- talk about blending this and that :D)
  • though it's sheer with one swipe, color can be intensified with few swipes w/o looking cakey
  • sturdy little packaging (easily tossed in any purse!)
  • non-acnegenic, fragrance-free and Dermatologist-tested

  • not so pigmented (you need to swipe few times to get the desired pop of color you want)
  • brush included is useless

Rating: 4.5/5


  1. Estee lauder blushon has to be more pigmented. You have nice blog wana follow each other dear?

  2. Estee Lauder Blush All Day in Desert is not a very nice product. This is my own experience. The blush which i had bought was scratchy and in powder form. Not satisfied at all


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