Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: Snoe Star Night Star Bright Night Perfecting Toner

Haven't used a toner before, and now I'm amazed how it can actually make a drastic change in your life, chos! haha! My HG toner as of now, is none other than the Snoe Star Night Star Bright Night Perfecting Toner.

What it says:

     Contains powerful whitening ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins that are clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles, heal acne and removes spots. it promotes clarity and revitalizes skin's appearance while you sleep.

 It was sealed with a scotch tape, but it's still leaking when I got it.

It is also as small as the Clinique makeup remover which is 50ml, though sleeker than the latter.

First things first, I laid my eyes on this from a beauty blogger too, Ms. Helen of Lucky Citrine (check out her review here). Luckily, my sister frequents in Trinoma which also carries Snoe products particularly in Landmark. Ok, so the first time I used this, the scent was so strong, by all means overpowering. Smells like alcohol, but to the point that it's so strong you don't want to use it again. But then, it's good to see some remnants on the cotton balls, which are the ultimate reason why you still develop pimples even after thorough washing and all. Been using this for a month now, and I must say that acne is now history. Again, this is my HG toner for the moment! No pimples, but there are times that I still get small bumps that vanish right away. I'm totally inlove with this product. And I'm on my way to the 2nd bottle. :)

  • effectively prevents pimples!
  • an all in one toner- Anti-aging, Whitening, Anti-acne, Exfoliating, Pore refining, Spot remover. What can you ask for? :)
  • Proudly Pinoy product
  • lightens dark spots caused by acne
  • brightens skin, making it fresh-looking

  • not 'properly' sealed upon purchase
  • the scent was an off for me the first time I used it, but eventually you'll get used to it. ;)
  • the price is rather steep for just a toner, and it only has small amount of product on it. (Php 179.00)
  • not widely available. bought this at Landmark, Trinoma.

Rating: 5/5
Despite of the cons, I still love this product because it works! No pimples baby! :)


  1. I share the same emotions as you, never thought that a toner could change my life! Mwahaha! :D I'm glad that this one worked for you! I'm currently at my 4th bottle and I'm getting one again on my next mall trip. Do share this post with Snoe thru their FB or Twitter page! :)

    1. Oh, I'll keep that in mind Ms. Helen. Wow, 4th bottle? I must say you really love this oh so great product (although it stings like hell!). :D Still, I also love this one. Thanks to you. :) I'll be hitting the 2nd bottle, and might try HHN toner naman since it's not alcohol-based. Hehe. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. Can you recommend a toner to use in the morning?

    1. Hello! I'm actually not a pro, but if you want something refreshing to start with, try Human Nature's toners. :)

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  5. Hi! I availed this toner in Zalora. Is't legit? And is't okay with sensitive skin?Thanks.


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