Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zac Efron's Penshoppe Press Con

I still can't believe I saw him personally. What should I say? That he is hot, no, really hooootttt! Last Saturday, September 29 to be exact, was his fan conference for Penshoppe. It was held at Mall of Asia Arena where it was also my first time to see the gorgeous arena that was newly built. I went with my sister of course, and we were both screaming ang giggling like highschool girls. It was fun, despite all the disaster we've gone through during our trip going to MOA. He's just worth all the hardship.

Didn't really had a decent picture of him since the crowd was getting crazy! When I had the chance to take some snapshots, I just froze. Seriously, Zac up close and dashing? How can I keep up? Jeez! Really, ano ba talaga sya? Aparisyon! Ang gwappppooooo! :D

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