Sunday, December 16, 2012

Review: Nichido Blush in Sunkissed

Another blush review for you girlies! :) I also bought this together with the Careline blush I just reviewed earlier (click here to see review). I usually reach for this more often because I think it compliments my skin tone. So here it is, the Nichido Powder Blush in Sunkissed.

 Well, it's really a powder blush :D

 In real life, this is actually darker, or toasted, if you know what I mean.

light swatch blended

 Lovely deep toasted pink color

Heavy swatch blended

I adore this one because it looks good on me. Although it's really powdery, I can just brush this all over my cheeks even without a mirror, not being afraid of looking all made up because it's blendable. This leans just in the middle, not too subtle, and not overly pigmented. And staying power is decent, maybe because the color is deep, thus leaving a lovely tinge of toasted pink on my cheeks. Me likey! :) 

  • a mesmerizing deep toasted pink color, really sunkissed
  • can be easily blended
  • decent staying power (approximately 3-4 hours w/o primer, just pressed powder underneath)
  • inexpensive for Php88.00, 4g
  • locally available

  • not a fan of twisty packaging
  • powdery
  • no mirror and puff included (but then the price is really cheap so I think I better keep my mouth shut :D)

Rating: 4/5

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  1. 4 out of 5 is convincing for me to use this product, I am going to look for it in local market or online and hope that it will suit my skin as well. Thank you for sharing the review with us


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