Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: theBalm Hot Mama

So excited to share with you my newest addition to my blusher addiction, hihi. This time, it's a combination of peach and pink with tiny specks of gold into it. I'm really in love with the color! It's none other than theBalm Hot Mama Blush. (Thanks boyfie! )

It's enclosed in a cardboard which to my surprise is kinda sturdy, though it easily gets messy because of the powder remnants.

The texture is slightly leaning from buttery to powdery

 Slim, magnetic packaging perfect for traveling I can just toss it into my purse!

 A warm peachy/coral shade that's great with any skin tone. It also has micro specks of gold which provides a subtle luminance, making our skin glow under the sun.

 Bottom: blended

I realize I often reach for this product that I think I need to buy one again for backup. :D Don't blame me, it's really a great product. Pigmentation is superb that even just dipping your brush can do a whole lot of transformation to a dull, lifeless skin. And the gold iridescence can make your skin glow, without looking much of a walking disco ball. Just healthy, gorgeous skin. I'm totally in love with not just this, but with most of the theBalm products. They may be kinda expensive, but they utterly deliver brilliant results. And one more thing, it can also be used as an eye shadow. I love using it in my lids for a more glamorous effect. :)

  • highly pigmented!
  • blend-ability ("is it a term?" it is, now :D ) is great!
  • can be used not only as a blush, but also as an eye shadow
  • beautiful shade that has a gold iridescence to it
  • can also be used as a highlighter
  • long wearing
  • slim packaging that feels sturdy enough
  • has a mirror that's big enough
  • expensive for P775.00; 7.08g  (Got it as a Christmas gift from the bf :) )
  • casing can attract dirt from the powder residue

Rating: 5/5 (Though it has two disadvantages, I really really love this product. Seriously, I think I'll be buying again if ever I hit the pan, but then it has a lot of product on it, so I guess this will last me for a long time.)

I definitely recommend this to y'all, especially if you're looking for a gorgeous shade that will compliment any skin tone, you know, perfect for lending to girlfriends! :)

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