Sunday, January 27, 2013

Review: The Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Dome

Blush review again guys! I've never actually bought cosmetics at TBS since I heard they are better with skincare rather than with cosmetics, plus they are all pretty expensive. But since they were recently on sale, I grabbed the opportunity to purchase this lip and cheek dome I've been so curious to try for a fraction of the price. Ok, so it's actually my sister who bought it for me. Hehe!

 I got the shade in 21 Crazy for Coral

 A cream blush that glides onto the skin smoothly

 Swiped a gazillion times to show its true color :|

Personally, I think this product has poor pigmentation, considering the fact that I can't show you how coral-ly it is in just a few swipes. But since the color is so cute and I'm currently keeping away from the ultimate pink blush, I use this to make my powder blush last longer. I just top it off with my Careline Peach Glow blush, or sometimes theBalm's Hot Mama. But there's one thing that hinders me from using it, and it's the scent. When I let my dad smell this, he said it smells like an old lipstick. I don't know, but it's worse than that. I just forgot what exactly it is, but I know that smell, and it's really awful. But then, if you're not that scent-sensitive, you might want to try this, and better hurry because it's in limited edition! It's also available in a pink shade, namely Pinch Me Pink, which the SA really wanted on me, just saying. :D

  • pretty color!
  • can be used on lips (though it looks chappy on my dry lips)
  • easy to blend
  • yay for cruelty-free makeup!
  • glides smoothly onto the skin
  • cute, easy-to-swipe-on-your-face packaging
  • lightweight, as if you don't have anything on
  • got it on sale! P895 but got it for only P268.50; 10ml. Yay!

  • ooh the smell!
  • had a hard time in putting back the lid without denting the cream blush :(
  • fades easily
  • not suited for oily gals 

Rating: 3/5

Thoughts, baby? Share! :)


  1. This one's not so pigmented, and I think the pink one is nicer and easier to work with. But the packaging is sooo adorable. :)

    1. I should've bought the pink one instead. :| Thanks for the heads up Ms. Helen! Saw your review on this, and I personally think coral-toned blushes compliment your skintone. :)

  2. My sister bought this one too merely because of the packaging! lolz ^_~


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