Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Sophie Magic Pink Cream

Alas! I finally got my most coveted cheap yet gorge magic cream blush from Sophie Martin. I just bumped into one of its stores in Farmers Cubao while doing some bargain hunting, and as impulsive as I usually am, i bought it, with one of the ladies there saying "Maganda yan, tumatagal sya. Yung mga officemates ko nga kung umorder saken tatlo-tatlo." (That's pretty, and long lasting as well. My officemates tend to buy 3 pieces from me.) So I was sold.

It's really a tiny tube but trust me, its pigmentation is just so surprising! 

A white cream that turns into a hint of pink when swatched on the skin

 I also love how the expiration date is clearly stamped on the tube.

 Swatches. Look how it turned into a subtle hint of pink.

 I left the left line unblended for a few minutes, and when I tried to blend it, this is how it turned out.

And with all the washing and soaping, there's still a slight hint of color, as you can see.

So with all the swatches and test, who am I to say that this inexpensive cream blush is just nothing but a cheap product? Come on, this is a hella great cream blush that I'm still digging up to now. And for the record, this baby lasts all day. Seriously, I don't need to retouch nor bother if it has done mess to my cheeks. With all the dirt, smoke, oil, and sweat that I face everyday, this really withstands the test of those bastards. So, are you also sold? :P

  • cheap! Got this for Php85.00, but i think this costs Php70.00 for Sophie members. Not quite sure though.
  • amazingly long lasting!
  • gives a natural rosy glow onto the skin
  • nicely pigmented and buildable
  • simple yet cute packaging, w/c also comes with a box
  • smells really girly

  • small. This is only 10ml (but for the price, better not to complain :D)
  • Easily stains on the skin. has to be fast when applying
  • Has parabens
  • Not widely available. But you can buy this online, at Sophie Paris main branch in Mandaluyong, and from the other resellers on booth. Mine was from Sophie booth in Farmers Cubao

Rating: 4.5/5

Hey! Have you used or still using this one? What are your thoughts? Share! :)


  1. Been using that, too, for years now! :)

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    Check it out here if you like. ;)


  2. Wow, for years? That's amazing. Checked your blog btw, and you're so pretty. Thanks for dropping by, Zharm. :)

  3. Been wanting to get this but I can't find a store near me. Nice review! :D

  4. Hi.. been using this for few years..I am really satisfied with its color that easily blends with my skin. I even brought stocks of this when I went to Japan. However, when I returned back to the Philippines, my best friend advised me that this has parabens... so I immediately stopped using it.. huhu. 'till now I still cannot find a good replacement that is of equal performance.. So I just use Victoria secret's powder blush.. It doesn't stay long on my face though..


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