Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review: Elizabeth Arden's Eyeshadow Duo

When it comes to eyeshadows, I am more of a matte than of the shimmery type. And EA's eyeshadows come in handy. I have their Quad Compact which was a great buddy for everyday wear because it gives me that no makeup look, just the way I want. Now let me introduce you to its little sister, which is the Eyeshadow Duo.

 The packaging is so small, yet so cutie patootie!

 L: matte pale pink; R: shimmery taupe

 The pink one doesn't do much color.

I also have the same pale pink color in the eyeshadow quad btw. Feels smooth to touch, I must say. I like how well they go with each other. I love how subtle the shimmers in taupe are, really perfect for everyday use. But if you prefer the pronounced type, you'll not want this. This compact also includes a little mirror, and an eyeshadow brush which apparently was lost. It's also easy to blend, though its a little powdery, but not much fallout you can spot. Overall, a great little product even perfect for traveling, and makeup junkies that want to skip the tedious process of blending pigmented ones. :)

  • sturdy little compact
  • smooth and easy to blend
  • perfect shades for everyday look
  • has a little mirror and an eyeshadow brush
  • includes a matte and a shimmery shade

  • can get a little powdery
  • not widely available

Rating: 4/5


  1. Lovely pallete! I think it is perfect for the day time look with subtle tones. Elizbeth arden is a popular and renowned brand and their cosmetics are bit expensive but give excellent results.

  2. EA's eyeshadows look very appealing and smooth. I like the pink matte shade comparing with the others. I hope I could find it from the local store. Well, my only concern is the availability.

  3. Phew… I must say you girls have super powers when it comes to make up. Thank God we guys don't need to apply make up, anyways going to show this to my wife, hope she will like it


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