Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review: Syoss Airy Curl Cream

I didn't know Syoss has a curling cream until I saw it in Landmark, Trinoma. And because I'm running out of my Monea, and because I wanted to try a new one, I gave in. Syoss came from the makers of Schwarzkopf, which by all means is known worldwide. Now let's proceed to the main subject. Check out the pictures below.

It's a pretty pale pink cream that has the same consistency with Monea, though I'd prolly say that this is less runny, more of a dense cream that's why it feels heavy on the hair. But the good thing is, just as what it promised, no stickiness. That's what I'm looking for, wherein Monea made my hair a tad greasy and sticky. BUT, be careful cause it might make your hair stiff if you applied too much. Also, it doesn't hold curls for a long time, maybe 6-8 hours is the longest, unlike Monea which still holds my curls in place even the next day. Overall, I think it's a so-so product. Not that promising, but for the price, you can't go wrong because it still does its claims.

  • no sticky feel!
  • packaging comes in a professional look
  • affordable for P120.00; 85g

  • doesn't hold curls for the whole day (which is 12 hours for me)
  • hair can get coarse if too much is applied
  • hard to find (got this in Landmark Supermarket at Trinoma)

Rating: 3/5

Still on the loose for that perfect curling cream. Any suggestions, guys? :)


  1. aww, too bad it doesn't hold curls that long...I'm searching for a holding cream for years but have yet find "the one". I guess the journey is still ongoing ~


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