Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Human Heart Nature's Balancing Face Toner

Hi girlas! Again, Friday is fast approaching! Let me share with you my fave of all time, HHN's Balancing Face Toner. This product is just WOW. I'm deeply aware how much I loved Snoe's toner, but because I'm looking for a cheaper and gentler (yes, Snoe's stings like hell) alternative, I opted for this baby. And I'm glad I did. And for the second time, I got the big one (para hati kami ni bf!)

I bought it together with their feminine wash and Sunflower oil

 100ml costs P110.00

Recently got the 200ml bottle ~P195.00 (saved P25)

What can I say? I love it, and love it, and love it that I'm on my second bottle now. Doesn't sting and irritate, smells really good, and makes my skin visibly clear and radiant. No goosepimps here, and as far as I remember, I didn't experience breakouts. This variant is designed for oily or combination skin, and they also have other variants such as the Nourishing Face Toner which has Tomato Extract (for normal or sensitive skin), and the Hydrating Face Toner which has Moringa Extract (for dry or mature skin). I definitely recommend this product. :)

  • skin feels clean and radiant looking
  • helped me steer clear from acne
  • prevents pimples from coming out of their unfashionably horrendous closet
  • non-drying
  • smells like orange!
  • 3 variants to choose from to suit every unique skin type and condition
  • big enough to last a long time
  • has elemi (for healing), sugar beet (helps reduce inflammation), and aloe vera (for moisturizing) ~got it from their website
  • doesn't sting nor made me breakout
  • 100% Natural
  • affordable. P110.00 for 100ml; P195.00 for 200ml

  • sometimes out of stock (just like the Sunflower oil)

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried this? Let me know how it works for you! :)


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    1. Hello! You can find their products in Beauty Bar, Landmark, Robinsons, and resellers too. Check out their website, for more info. :)

  2. Hi! I use HHN's Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil as a body oil and make-up remover. And for waterproof mascara and eyeliner, I massage the oil over my eyelids and let it sit for 5minutes before wiping it out with a cotton applicator so I don't tug the skin around my eyes. I also use HHN's Day Fluid as my moisturizer. I have acne-prone skin and these products have not caused flare-ups. The Beauty Oil sells like hotcakes and I would buy the Cleansing Oil instead but it's of lighter consistency. I got here from HHN's facebook site :)

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing bayluhay! Like you, it's my all-in-one beauty product. You can also check my Sunflower oil's review here, Thanks for dropping by! :)


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