Monday, June 11, 2012

Of pinks and braids

I tried to ombre nail polish one time because I'm bored and I just love ombre. And someday I will be rocking with an ombre hair. Hihi!

Ok, so first, I applied the base coat, then I used The Face Shop's shimmery fuschia pink nail polish in PP-405 as the first coat. Let it dry then add the second coat starting from the middle going up. Then again, apply another coat at the edge of the nail. If you're not yet satisfied with the intensity of the color, apply another coat the the uppermost part. Then I put Elianto's Shine Opal (03) for a more shimmery look. And lastly, apply the top coat.

Used in order: TFS base coat, TFS PP-405, Elianto Shine Opal (03), TFS top coat

Ok, so this post is just a random one. I just love having fishtail braids 'cause it kind of reminds me like I'm on a field, running, merely having fun. This can also be styled with versatility, whether you want to look it classy or just a street-style look, it actually depends on your mood and outfit. Mine was casual with a feminine touch matched with my floral top.

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